Supply Partners

Force Motors

Force Motors is a fully, vertically integrated automobile company, with expertise in design, development and manufacture of the full spectrum of automotive components, aggregates and vehicles. Its range includes Small Commercial Vehicles, Multi-Utility Vehicles (MUV), Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV), Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) and Agricultural Tractors.

Force Motors provides NTH with a complete range of automotive components which include –

  1. Steering and Suspension Components
  2. Engine Components
  3. Driveline and Transmission Components
  4. Body and Framework Parts
  5. Electrical Components

Jaya Hind

Jaya Hind Industries is a market leader in the manufacture and supply of critical engine and transmission components like cylinder blocks, cylinder heads and bedplates. It is an OE supplier to a large number of automobile giants like Tata, GM, Maruti Suzuki, Ford and GM to name a few.

Jaya Hind supplies NTH with the following components –

  1. Clutch Cover
  2. Clutch Disc/Plate
  3. Clutch Kits

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ZF Steering

ZF Steering is a pioneer in the manufacture ad supply of hydraulic power and mechanical steering systems. ZF provides an expansive range of steering components for LCV and HCV applications, including steering systems, steering columns, vane pumps, drop arms and gearboxes.

ZF provides NTH with the following automotive components –

  1. Bevel Gear Box
  2. Rack and Pinion Steering System
  3. Steering Columns
  4. Drop Arms
  5. Vane Pumps

Tata AutoComp

Tata AutoComp Systems Limited, promoted by the Tata Group, provides products and services in the automotive industry to Indian and global customers, including Ashok Leyland, BMW India, Mercedes-Benz India, Eicher Motors, Fiat, Force Motors, Ford India, General Motors India and Hero Honda to state a few.

Tata AutoComp provides NTH with the following categories of automotive components –

  1. Automotive Batteries
  2. Radiators and Inter Coolers
  3. Rear View Mirrors
  4. Command and Control Cables
  5. Filters
  6. Gas Springs
  7. Brake Friction Parts


Gabriel is a leading automotive OEM supplier for ride control products i.e struts and shock absorbers for various automobile segments across the country.

Gabriel supplies NTH with the following automotive components –

  1. Struts
  2. Dampers
  3. Shock Absorbers
  4. Gas Springs
  5. Suspension Bushing Kits
  6. Coolants
  7. Fork oil


Renold PLC is an international engineering group, producing a wide range of precision engineering products. The Group's principal products include transmission and conveyor chains, gearboxes and mechanical variable speed drives; clutches, couplings and spindles.

Rolon chain is a transmission chain manufactured and supplied by Renold and is popular all across the world.

Rolon provides NTH with the following component –

  1. Rolon transmission chain


Remsons Industries Limited is a leading manufacturer for control cables, flexible shafts, push pull cables, gear shift mechanism and Parking Brake Assemblies

Remson supplies NTH with the following automotive components -

  1. Clutch Cables
  2. Accelerator / Throttle / Gasoline Cables
  3. Parking Brake (Front and Rear) Cables
  4. Shift Gear Cables
  5. Reverse Gear Cables
  6. Choke Cables
  7. Engine Stop Cables
  8. Speedometer Cables
  9. De-Compressor Cables
  10. Body Cables (Fuel Lid / Hood Release / Tailgate)
  11. HVAC Cables
  12. Door Cables
  13. Pull-to-Stop Cables
  14. Drive Change Cables
  15. Seat Cables

QH Tablros

QH Talbros manufactures steering and suspension components for all segments of the automotive industry such as HCVs, LCVs, passenger vehicle, etc. and is supplying to a wide spectrum of OEMs such as Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, Force Motors, Volvo Eicher, Ashok Leyland to name just a few.

QH Talbros supplies NTH with the following components –

  1. Inner and Outer Ball Joints
  2. Suspension Ball Joints
  3. Track Control Arms
  4. Bushing Kits
  5. Tie Rod Assemblies
  6. Drag Rod Assemblies
  7. Stabliizer Link Assemblies
  8. Steering Link Assemblies
  9. Torque Rods
  10. V-Frames
  11. Pitman Arms


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Metzeler originally produced a variety of rubber and plastic products, expanding into aviation in 1890 and automotive and motorcycle tyres in 1892.

Metzeler provides NTH with the following automotive components –

  1. Door Rubbers
  2. Glass Rubbers
  3. Garnishes
  4. Weather Strips
  5. Glass Mouldings
  6. Industrial Rubber Biddings


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Sofima is manufacturer of filtration systems for the automotive market (automobiles, off-road vehicles, motorcycles, trucks) and the non-automotive market (farm machinery, marine motors, compressors, industrial and earthworking machines such as: lift trucks, construction machinery and mining equipment). Its an accredited manufacturer and supplier in the automobile aftermarket.

Sofima supplies NTH with the following automotive components –

  1. Oil Coolers
  2. Oil Filters
  3. Fuel Filters
  4. Air Filters